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1400 square feet

2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths

Addition can be dining room or sun room- you decide.

Unfinished dreams...

BASEMENT. Unfinished basement.

Fireplace in good shape, just needs a cleaning. 


('Cozy' is a euphemism the way 'personality' can be.) (But I digress.)

Half story upstairs could be used as third bedroom.

Half bath downstairs features utility sink and shower.

Though there is No toilet.

But really, in all seriousness, that still counts as a half bath.

And you know, you could install one.

Fix it up.

With a little paint and some remodeling, no one would ever know its age. 

If only you make some small changes- 

It could still be someone's home.

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We are still here,
we forgotten women,
hidden behind our
husbands, sons.

Working, each in her own way.
Behind laptops, behind cameras, behind closed office doors.
Flinching when the phone rings, or the boss walks by.

Waiting for the deliveries.
Online retailers make
our lives easier,
we say.

But we miss shopping together.
The sisterhood of shopping trips.
We don't know if these pants make our asses look big until
it's too late.
We are committed to these pants now.

Just as we are committed to our families.
Joy in watching each other's
children flourish.
We smile over coffee,
knowingly. She
did that.

We whisper to each other
what we've given up.

We whisper to each other, wondering
How did she vote?
Is she one of us?
We whisper as we try not to judge one another
for how we take our coffee.

We whisper our secrets to
empty houses.

Waiting for the husbands, sons
to come home.

We whisper to
ourselves, to
each other,
You can do this.

Kitchen Times

Tea-sipping, cookies baking,
laughing until it hurts
knowing the hurts are normal
that perfect is a dream
the Devil laid on me.
Imperfection is holy.
It's how we learn.